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How much does a website cost?

The most common question and we wish it was just as easy to answer. Our Wild Web blogs would be a good place to start to get a better understanding of it all. It all depends on the type of site, the functions it performs, and the time it takes to create a look and feel that you desire and aligns with your vision. It's our goal to get his done within your budget. 

Some websites might take a day, and some might take weeks - and the quality and level of details will change accordingly. An easy way to put a description is every additional feature you might want on your website, which adds time to its design and development - hence the added costs associated.

 Like most other web design and development companies, we work at an hourly rate and once we get an understanding of your requirements, we estimate the number of hours it would take to deliver a site and provide our quotes accordingly. 

How long will it take to build a website?

As already spoken about, it all depends on the complexity of the job. As soon as we get the information from you to get the site going, with some images and files, we can have a site design ready for you to comment on in 1-2 weeks.

More complex projects with hundreds of projects to display on site might take a little longer. Once we have the exact and final scope of the project, we will assign it a completion date and let you know. We always seek to beat the clock when it comes to timelines and will continue doing so with your site as well. 

Are there any hidden costs?

NO. After our meeting, we determine the number of hours that the job will take and give your quotes and stick. There can be changes in the later stages of the project if additional changes are requested by the client. 

There may be conditions set with a client prior to the start, that it will be an ongoing project that will be charged bi-weekly. The bi-weekly invoice will charge the hours worked on this project in that timeframe.

Can we update sites anytime we like?

Yes, all our sites are designed on an easy-to-use little online software called Wix & Editor X. If it seems too complicated at first, let us know and we'll teach you to how to edit those sites so you don't have to pay every time you want something little changed on your site. How good is that? No more web design companies overcharging for simple tasks.

Do you own your site?

Yes, you do. We host all our developed sites on Wix under your account and we stay on just as a web designer. You will have all the access and can grant access to parts of the site where can provide assistance or help. Once our design phase is complete and handover has been done, we have month-to-month update packages, SEO packages that we can suggest and you can decide if that would be necessary and helpful to your business model. It's our aim to be very flexible so we get to work with all our clients in the best way possible and create a 5-star worthly dream team.

Will my site display on google search?

Yes, it will. We work to integrate your brand new or exisiting site into the google search console, alongside yahoo and bing as well. We will optimise each page so it can be seen on google with keywords you have given us. Always keep in mind, if you work in a competitive market, It's alwasy handy to have an SEO strategy in place and that is where we can help you as well. 

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