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We offer standard rooms with single beds, standard rooms with double beds, deluxe rooms that basically function as a one-bedroom apartment, rooftop bar and room, a two-bedroom apartment with an open ceiling plan living room with a full equipped bar for you to host your friends and family. Not to mention, that they all have a homely feel, and we hope that it makes you want to come back and stay with us on your future trips. Anmol Homestay is located on the quiet, yet not too far from the action of Kalidasa Road in Mysore. So, you’re close to all the hustle and bustle yet find peace and calm with us. Our garden as the pictures would depict, are one of a kind with it offering a sooting effect when in or around it. We realise the influence greenery can have on the mind, body, and soul, so we have played our best hand forward to help highlight it.

Anmol Home Stay

They welcome you to Anmol Home Stay, Mysore – a pristine southern accommodation. They are always keen to provide our guests with the best of features, a unique experience to interact with the rich heritage of the city of Mysore and its local culture. May you have come down south for a short stay and to take in the sights, or a long stay and get your yoga certification – we have the best deals to suit each and every one of your needs and wants. Specifically architected, Anmol Homestay provides you with the best amenities and services on offer.

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