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Barokes Wines are the inventors of the innovative and globally patented Vinsafe wine packaging system which enables premium quality wine to be canned with stability and longevity. This unique Australian invention has opened new markets for wine geographically and demographically.

Barokes operate on a global basis, producing and marketing products within Australia and exporting to a number of international markets.

Barokes have committed over two decades of research and development (since 1996) to create a purpose-built product for the global wine market. Barokes wine in a can is a unique Australian invention with a number of patents granted for Vinsafe around the world and patents pending.

Backed by Master of Wine, Peter Scudamore-Smith (, Barokes Wines' success at international wine competitions has been nothing short of outstanding with over 400 medals awarded to date.

These medals are a clear confirmation of the premium quality of these innovative wines and clearly position the Vinsafe technology as the leading wine in a can packaging system globally. No other wine in a can product currently on the market has achieved this level of international recognition.

Barokes Wine in a Can

Enjoy premium quality wines in a can anywhere, anytime! These exceptional award-winning wines are perfect for any occasion but are ideal for any outdoor activities including picnics, camping, sailing, festivals and anything else that you enjoy doing in the great outdoors.

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