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Colon hydrotherapy also known as ‘Colonic irrigation’ or ‘Colonics’ is a gentle procedure in which water enters the colon via the rectum, then waste is removed from the colon and large intestine via the waste pipe. Colonics allow and assist clients to reconnect to their body through advice, guidance, and education with their practitioner, improving overall health of the individual.

Red light therapy is a safe treatment that helps skin, muscles and body tissues restore, heal and rejuvenate.

The Chi swing machines offer a gentle motion of the entire body. It is a form of passive exercise, boosting oxygen in the blood and stimulating muscles.

Infrared sauna heat is designed to be absorbed easily by the skin. The light rays penetrate deep into human skin which help to eliminate the impurities and improve overall health.

Essential Health Management

They are right on the edge of the city between  Macaulay Road Kensington and Racecourse Road Flemington making it easy access for all traveling on the M2 City Link Toll from the north or west of the state. At EHM the closed system device is used focusing on the highest standard of safety and comfort, where your therapist is with you during your entire treatment.

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