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Steve & Pam Chandler initially dealt in Antique Furniture and bric a brac, learning about periods & styles and how that relates to what will suit peoples homes. This experience enabled them to easily move into Lighting to suit all styles of homes and then later into Architectural Hardware. These days the Chandler Family & their employees have a wealth of knowledge that they use to assist customers in improving their property whether it be a country workers cottage or a multi storey development. Ryan Chandler, who grew up around Memory Lane, has now come into the business and has bought with him, new skill sets that improved how we are able to interact with customers. If you want beautiful things for your project that can't be bought in larger stores, then a stroll down to Memory Lane to get personalised, experienced service is for you.

Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a family business specialising in bespoke lighting & architectural hardware for your home or commercial project.

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